Claire Sjaarda

Claire Sjaarda                                 

Qualified Commercial Translator (MA)

English | French


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Document translations

I translate commercial documents for businesses in a wide range of sectors as well as personal documents for individuals. I also have experience translating publications for NGOs and governmental bodies.


Website translations

Having worked in e-commerce for over ten years, I enjoy translating digital content (web pages, landing pages, Excel strings and online marketing material) to ensure effective communication and increase traffic to your website, drive sales and build loyalty.

Based in Auckland, I am able to provide translations overnight for UK and European clients.

Simply send me your document at the end of your working day and the translation will be in your inbox the following morning.

As a certified member of the NZSTI, I can provide certified translations of your documents, such as your birth or marriage certificates, university transcripts and qualifications or any other official documents.

Drawing from my experience of working within the e-commerce industry, I can help with your website optimisation and your paid and organic search campaigns aimed at the French market by providing you with the relevant keywords required for your business.

Claire worked under my supervision as Translator and Reviser for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in June 2015. She supported the English to French translation of the Skills Assessment for National Adaptation Planning: How Countries Can Identify the Gap. Claire proved to be a very professional, diligent and dependable team worker. She demonstrated a sound command of both English and French languages and she managed to translate a text of great complexity and technical nature by maintaining good standard of consistency and faithfulness to the style and nuances of the original piece.

Ilaria Gallo, Climate Change Specialist, United Nations Institute for Training and Research

I had the chance to hire Claire for a translation project and she provided a high quality and efficient work. She is punctual and very reliable, I recommend her without hesitation.

Eulalie Guillaume, Environmental Policy Analyst, Elements Software

Claire’s translations from English to French were very clear and accurate, having a good sense of flow: they read as if the text had originally been written in French.

Jùlio Reis, Webmaster, A Rocha


We hired Claire to help us correct the spelling and grammar of our guide book. She did a brilliant job by showing us where the mistakes were made and it was up to us the accept the changes or not. She completed the job before the deadline. We will definitely use Claire again.

Stéphane Courtine, Managing Director, DetourNZ

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Proofreading and Editing

Overnight Translations

Certified Translations

French SEO

I also proofread your translations against their original and check the accuracy, syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation of your texts.

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