Claire Sjaarda

Claire Sjaarda                                 

Qualified Commercial Translator (MA)

English | French


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For the past two years, I have used my strong interest in environmental issues to provide polished translations to various environmental stakeholders (biodiversity, sustainable energy, water management).

Working closely with the marketing department to create special offers and targeted promotions, I was also in charge of the translations of email, loyalty and promotional campaigns aimed at the French market. I now also translate customer satisfaction surveys, brochures, websites, product descriptions and packaging information.

As a former revenue management analyst and manager, I am familiar with the various types and styles of reports required within an international business. Press releases, corporate newsletters, presentations, project reports and brochures are some of the documents I translate.

Working behind the scenes of an e-commerce company for over ten years, I have a real understanding of the fundamentals of e-commerce and I am familiar with the translation of digital content and online communications.

Shortly after graduating with an MA in Tourism Management Within Local and Regional Governments (Gestion des Activités Touristiques des Collectivités Publiques), I was able to familiarise myself with EU texts while working at the CEMR in Brussels. A few years later, this led me to specialise in the translation of institutional texts while studying for an MA in Translation at the London Metropolitan University. I have since worked for international NGOs and the UN in the field of International Development (climate change, sustainable development, gender issues).

Should you require translations into other languages, I am able to recommend other translators from my network of trusted colleagues.


Government and NGOs

Marketing and Market Research

Corporate Communications


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